So where is Llangollen? It’s situated in Denbighshire and is a small town with a population of just 3,412. The community in North-East Wales is on the River Dee, which is on the edge of the Berwyn mountains. It has a rich history for it’s background and the name itself was derived from a monk in the 6th century, Saint Collen (from the Welsh llan meaning ‘fortified church yard’ and gollen meaning Collen) who had founded a church by the river.

Llangollen has links to places such as Brittany, Colan, Langolen and Cornwall and lots to see and do for tourists. To the North of the town is the Castell Dinas Bran, also known as a fortress of the Princes of Powys. It also boasts some amazing scenic views from the hills and valleys, perfect for long walks. Something to keep the historians amongst you happy, and something to sight see too.

It has routes for various types of transportation,  like railways, waterways and the canal. Llangollen used to be an agricultural and farming area, with sheep farming and weaving being the main trades. Culturally it has a lot to offer too; from a traditional local brass band, the Llangollen Fringe Festival (an independent arts festival which takes place during the summer), the Llangollen International Music Eisteddfod, and Dee Rocks, which is a music event designed to bring in financial support to the smaller good causes that are local, as it’s also a local fundraiser. Today it relies quite a lot on tourism for it’s business, but there are enough attractions, events to go to, sights to see and things to do to keep everyone happy.

Although in terms of sport, they host a range of activities and even some UK and International events for things like white water Slalom canoeing and kayaking. At Tower Fields that overlooks the town of Llangollen, the football, the rugby union and cricket teams hold matches there as well. In the Southern part of the town where the Thermals rise, it’s a favourite with paragliders, and mountain biker enjoy the hills.

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